'Create Your Gastronomic Haven within Nature'

Summer Living and Entertaining Post-COVID19

We have been overwhelmed with interest in Sub-Zero & Wolf’s outdoor appliances, which launched in the UK last year. Even more so since lockdown began and although we are seeing restrictions beginning to ease now, no-one really knows what the immediate future holds. Popular thinking seems to be that we will not see a return to the way things were before. There is likely to be less travel; with more people working from home and generally more time overall spent at our homes.

As always, homeowners are looking to make the most of their available outdoor spaces during the summer – to enjoy outdoor cooking, eating, relaxing and entertaining. In effect, people are looking to invest in and create their own nurturing sanctuary; seeking to nourish themselves with beauty, comfort, delicious food and to invest in high quality products and surroundings – which are built to last.

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In times of trouble, people want to move away from frivolous purchases and invest in true quality instead. Consumers are making ethical choices and buying authentic pieces, made with integrity and skill, which will stand the test of time. With eco-consciousness steadily on the rise, purchasing appliances which are designed to last decades – not years (at least 20, if not more) is critical if we wish to play our part in helping to preserve the planet; as well as our food! Sub-Zero & Wolf appliances are designed to stand the test of time, becoming part of the family over the years and often taken to a new home when a house move occurs – not ending up in landfill sites a few years after purchase.

We all want to enjoy luxury, pleasure, excitement and to treat ourselves in the same way that we would have done during previous years, by taking an exotic and luxurious holiday, for example.

With developments in outdoor technology such as heating and lighting plus the concept and popularity of the ‘outdoor kitchen’, the sky is the limit to what can be now be achieved in terms of luxury, comfort and outdoor cooking convenience.

Along with high powered and highly controllable outdoor gas grills, clients now love to install warming drawers for ‘holding’ pre-cooked food, prior to guests arriving; along with keeping plates and serving dishes warm. Outdoor refrigerated drawers for drinks, snacks, salads and barbeque ingredients are crucial for cooking convenience. Add in an outdoor gas burner module for cooking or warming sauces and pasta and you lift the common or garden outdoor kitchen into a ‘gastronomic haven within nature’.

It’s easy to cook the perfect outdoor pizza using a Wolf ‘bake stone’; a porous ceramic stone square placed inside the gas grill, or just place the pizza directly on the grill. An integrated smoker-box within all Wolf grills allows you to add flavoured woodchips to further customise and finesse your outdoor culinary experience. Integral rotisseries and the utmost temperature control from Wolf, allow you to slow roast a leg of lamb to perfection, cook delicate Thai infused sea bass wrapped in parchment paper; along with the more ubiquitous but always delicious and hard to beat – chargrilled steak and sausages.

Outdoor Warming Drawer

Wolf Outdoor Warming Drawer


A luxury outdoor kitchen featuring Sub-Zero & Wolf appliances could include an under-floor heating system, integrated into the flooring around a large circular table and seating area; keeping away any unseasonal chills or breezes, while dining and relaxing outside.


Sub-Zero 61cm Outdoor All Refrigerator Drawers

Specialist outdoor furniture company Gaze Burvill can create an outdoor kitchen within 12 weeks; from £30K upwards. The cost for the full package with Sub-Zero & Wolf outdoor appliances, heating and lighting would be around £60K, while prices for individual Sub-Zero & Wolf outdoor appliances start at £5,300 + VAT for a 76cm Wolf outdoor gas grill, £5,200 + VAT for Sub-Zero refrigerated drawers and £2,300 + VAT for a Wolf warming drawer.

For flexible outdoor cooking, Wolf gas grills are also available on a stand-alone basis; with the addition of a Wolf custom made, stainless steel cart.

Maximise the enjoyment of your outside space this summer with Sub-Zero & Wolf’s range of high performance outdoor appliances and create your own gastronomic haven with nature. Click here to book your personal, one-to-one appointment at either our award winning Knightsbridge, London showroom; or our Art Deco inspired, riverside located emporium in Maldon, Essex today.