SKU: 9100145

Vegan Leather Wine Tote Bag


Made for dinner parties, picnics, or even low-key nights in with friends. This leather wine carrier has a water-resistant interior that keeps your wine insulated on the move, perfect for when you want to take your bubbly straight out of the fridge and go. Handles at the top make it easy to tote your wine along with you worrying about warming the bottle with your hands. Now all you have to do is pick which wine will go inside.

• Quality Vegan leather
• H 43cm x W 11cm x D 10.8cm
• Comfortably holds 1 bottle of wine
• Painted edge construction
• Top flap secured with Velcro closure
• Water-resistant lining
• Stitched handles at the top

Wine Bag standing no bg min Wine Bag side no bg min Wine bag on counter min

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