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Eight cooking modes – bake, roast, broil, convection bake, convection roast, convection broil, convection and bake stone (with bake stone accessory).

Yes but can be operated without fans if required.

Please refer to the installation manual for specific information listed by model number.

It is a #4 brush, the same that is used on our refrigerators.

Most of the steel used on the range and cooktop units is 18 gauge.

Wolf products are at or above all industry standards. The life expectancy, as with any product, will depend upon other factors such as daily use and climate.

Yes, please contact our customer care department.

Two hours at 450°F.


The L series Wall ovens and Dual Fuel ranges do, with the exception of the small oven on the 121cm Dual Fuel Range which has one fan only. The E series Wall ovens have dual fans in the single oven and the top double oven but no fans in the lower double oven.

Do not place any cookware on oven floor, or use aluminum foil or other material to line the oven floor or side walls. Failure to adhere to this will permanently damage your porcelain.

It boils down, if you'll pardon the expression, to consistency and flexibility. The Wolf system is a dual convection system, using multiple burners and blowers to produce extremely even temperature throughout the oven. Roasts brown evenly all over. Your pie crusts come out as nicely done on the bottom as they are on top. As for flexibility, the oven's logic control system uses the burners and blowers either together or sequentially to produce the best results for the type of dish you're cooking. You simply choose a cooking mode-convection bake, convection broil, etc.-and the system takes it from there. It's intuitive and easy to use, and the results are spectacular.

We distribute our products through a network of dealers. Please contact your local dealer for pricing information. Click hereto find your local dealer.

Stainless steel exterior and cobalt blue interior on the Dual Fuel Ranges and Wall Ovens with a black interior for the gas ovens.

Yes, when the red indicator light goes off that means the oven has reached the set temperature.

The charbroilers are not self-cleaning. The unit still needs to be cleaned by hand on the surrounding steel. The grease will only burn off the burner and the grid.

The two blank off plates are present to create a unique radiant pattern. It's like two small burners angling the infrared rays downward at 45 degrees and overlapping for larger coverage on the oven racks or oven bottom.

If you select Convection Broil it will, if you select Broil it won't.

The black knob kit for a range (part #800428) contains:

  • 2 Large oven knobs
  • 1 Small oven knob
  • 8 Surface burner knobs
  • 2 Charbroiler knobs
  • 2 Thermostat knobs The black knob kit for the cooktop (part #800429) contains:
  • 8 Surface burner knobs
  • 2 Charbroiler knobs
  • 2 Thermostat knobs

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